When 2022 Isn't Giving

4 Tips To Live In The Middle Space

By Amanda P.


My 2021 ended with me losing my laptop at an Airport in Houston the day before Christmas Eve and finding out I was Covid positive on New Year’s Day! 

So yeah, I had a moment of “f*ck 2022”, but I quickly shifted my mindset because that was NOT the energy I was going to be in to start this year! Shit happens…life happens and I had to be okay with being in this icky middle space while I waited for things to either get better or just for time to pass.

Honestly, when I was on my flight stressed out about my laptop I allowed myself to be in that moment and feel all that I needed to feel. The stress, the anxiety, the anger…all of it. The next day, still upset, I made a decision to just allow space for what I was feeling, allow for self-validation and I created a mantra; “I’m not okay right now, but I will be”. 

Even when I found out I had Covid, I repeated that mantra. That mindset shift allowed me to meet myself where I was and remember that this situation was temporary. Things will get better.

When the new year hits, you may start looking to this fresh start as a way to change. There is beauty there and I love that space but realistically, a New Year doesn’t change your situation, YOU and your mindset do! You may be in that uncomfortable middle space right now! Trying to figure things out, experiencing some life changes where things are not settled just yet. Know that It’s OK to be in that space! 

You can’t rush through this part of your journey because it feels icky. You have to learn how to live in this space. Learning to operate here gives you tools for resilience, problem-solving, innovation, and most importantly, the growth happens here. The juiciness of a book happens in the middle. Don’t miss out on your own story development by rushing to the finish line.

To be in that space and work through it require a mindset shift and practice of mindfulness so that you learn to feel all the feels, think all the thoughts, and have all the moments this middle period presents. 

Here are your 4 Tips to living in the middle!


Can you face the reality of the situation? Whatever is being presented or happening, you have to accept that is occurring. Now, this doesn’t mean you just sit back and allow the “thing” to bring you down.  It means you acknowledge its presence and do not try to bypass it. When you know what you’re dealing with, you’re better able to figure out how to resolve or reconcile it. 

Acknowledge What’s Here

You are going to experience moments that are downright f**cked up but can’t do much about it right away. As you think about solutions to figuring out those moments, don’t forget to allow yourself to feel all the feelings present in the moment. 

Acknowledge what is there for you emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc, and practice just being there. This allows you to meet yourself where you are…

Meet Yourself Where You Are

There is a complete mindset shift when you’re able to meet yourself in the moment. When you’re able to recognize how you’re showing up, you can give yourself all the grace you need.

Have a Growth Mindset

Having a growth mindset is a way of thinking about how YOU can improve your outcomes by remembering the power you have in doing so. This means you are open to taking the steps to improve your situation because taking action will lead to change. This allows you to be actively working toward improving and moving you through the middle to a space that has the outcomes you desire.

Whether your year is starting off exactly how you want it or not, it’s ok!  It’s easy to give thanks and have gratitude when things are going well but do you do the same when things aren’t. Why not? In order to come out of that middle, you have to live in it and feel it. Don’t bypass it. Give yourself grace and find some gratitude in any way you can so that you can keep going.

Cheers to 2022! Until Next time, peace! 

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