Got Goals? It's Time You Start Protecting Your Focus!

By Amanda P.


This bomb thing happens when you protect your focus…results! Goals get met, sh*it starts happening for you, you start feeling your alignment and you start feeling in control of your decisions. Protecting your focus means you prioritize what matters to you the most and make the space for opportunities. It means you start saying no to distractions and start putting boundaries in place because those boundaries are a major key.

If you have goals and are finding it difficult to reach them, really take a moment to reflect on your focus. You may have the focus but does it come in spurts? Do other things come up and you get distracted? Have you defined your why for whatever that goal is? I mean really define your why and the energetics behind it and not just “I have this goal because of xyz”. This requires you to dig deep into the real reasons for your goal and how it will help you be your best self. 

You are the guardian of your focus, standing there at the doorway being approached by all kinds of distractions waiting to get into where you are. There are some opportunities mixed in there though but how can you weed through to see who can get into “Club Focus” when you don’t know who’s who? Check the invite list! Create a list of who, what, and why something can get into your Club. If not, you’re going to spend more time removing the unwanted items instead of putting that energy into your focus.

It’s not easy to become the guardian of your focus. But, it definitely doesn’t feel good either when you feel like reaching a goal is harder because of your roles, your job, and all the other things you have going on. Honestly, you may have good reasons and excuses as to why your focus is challenging right now or was in the past. Acknowledge it and figure out what you CAN do instead of what you CAN’T.

We focus so much on why we can’t do something or what we don’t have instead of using that energy to find a solution…to figure out a way. You know this is you if you have a thought and as soon as it hits you start foreboding it. You start thinking of all the ways it would be hard or won’t happen instead of all the ways you can make it happen. Is it a mindset shift, yes absolutely! But it’s worth practicing so you get unstuck, get clear, and focused.

I created a FREE checklist for you to download that will help you be the gatekeeper of your focus. You’ll start with a goal (any goal) it can be something as accessible as planning self-care day. From there, this checklist will help you get clear on how you will make it happen! Starting with something small can help you build up your resilience bit by bit. But, hey, feel free to use this checklist for any goal you have in mind! Keep using it as you go so you can weed out the distractions and only let into Club Focus the things that will help you reach your goals!