There's enough

Tiny Shifts:

Bites of wisdom, curiosities, and inspiration to shift your perspective.

By Amanda P.


What if you had an abundance mindset? Most importantly, what if you recognized that there is room for everyone to exist, especially you? Your new idea, creativity, and desire for growth or change are proof of your abundance. Your expansion. You were created just as you are because there is enough room for you in the world.  

Scarcity exists when we believe there needs to be more money, space in a room, seats at a table, or that our ideas are not enough. The gag is you don’t need the table or room to be bigger. Room is made by you simply showing up and taking up space.

If you operated in abundance, how accessible would the world be for you?  The diversity in your thoughts, actions, and method is your abundance to tap into, not restrict. Let the scarcity mindset and actions shit go, and watch how you evolve. Scarcity is the tether holding you back from your more.

The most abundant thing you can do is practice patience and trust that what desire you will acquire.