Cultivating Purpose

Bites of Wisdom, Curiosities, and Inspiration To Shift Your Perspective

By Amanda P.


How often do you hold yourself back because something seems too hard, requires too much time, or won’t look how you think it should? Every moment you hesitate brings about more doubt and questions. 


Start to cultivate ways to make your goals and dreams accessible to you. If you want to blog but don’t like long-form content, shorten it (this is why I created Tiny Shifts).


If you want to vlog but don’t have the time to edit, create Reels or TikTioks instead. 


You want to create a workshop, but it seems like a lot of work to do.  Find someone you can collaborate with. 


Whatever you dream of doing, it’s ok to recognize your doubt but use that to get creative and find a way to make it work. You deserve that.