Bites of Wisdom, Curiosities, and Inspiration To Shift Your Perspective

By Amanda P.


Turning inward to process my challenges has been my problem-solving method since childhood. I used to feel ashamed because whenever I did this, people would tell me I needed to talk instead of becoming a hermit. The thing is, I was talking to someone or something. Turning inward allowed me to connect with my intuition and to hear God. 


Last month, I attended a half-day silent retreat. It was the most profound spiritual experience I’ve ever had. The retreat location was a sacred land covered in decades of prayers, blessings, and gratitude. In my silent reflection, I asked God how do I learn to trust. God told me to surrender when I am at my most vulnerable. No matter my path, I will be blessed because God is there. Talk about a revelation!! After many more revelations through my conversation with God, I left there realizing that how I heal by turning inward is how I connect to God and how I’ve learned the power of listening.


To be contemplative through prayer, meditation, and silence is the key to exploring your purpose and getting close to the deepest parts of yourself. I learned acceptance, how to surrender, and to make contemplation a beautiful (and consistent) practice. So, get silent…get quiet…turn inward, and start listening to what or who guides you on this journey. The answers you truly need are within.