Tiny Shifts: Bites of wisdom, curiosities, and inspiration to shift your perspective.

By Amanda P.


I was reminded recently how natural certain healing practices come to us in the Black diaspora. Remembering that has been healing in and of itself. It reminded me of how much we lived off the land, knew its healing powers, how we embody innovation, and created rituals around these practices.


Even growing up in Queens, NY, my southern-born mother would identify herbs and plants outside that could be used for teas and tinctures. She told me that as a child, she would make corn husk dolls and sanitary items from plants for her period. These were out of necessity but speak to our innate innovation. 


Honoring these practices allows us to heal and connect to our ancestral line. It reminds us that self-care can be soulful and absolutely magical for us. 


Know that your healing liberates you and satisfies your ancestral line. Those who came before us are rooting for us to rest, to care for ourselves, and to remember the importance of healing. The throughline is ever present within us and connects us to generations before and after. You are at the cusp of your ancestral line. Your healing heals.