EP 24 “Divine Feminine Embodiment and Black Women’s Liberation” w/ LaToya Maria- The Yoga Enchantress

Audacious Black Girl
Audacious Black Girl
EP 24 "Divine Feminine Embodiment and Black Women’s Liberation" w/ LaToya Maria- The Yoga Enchantress

When I tell you this week's guest, LaToya Maria (The Yoga Enchantress)….this spiritual being…this embodiment of women's liberation herself is the absolute truth!! She is the truth!
LaToya Maria is a Divine Feminine Embodiment Guide and Intuitive Healer. She is a passionate trauma-informed yoga teacher and Women’s wellbeing educator. LaToya supports and guides women on a holistic journey into embodiment, liberation and ease.

I feel so blessed to know her because her presence and divine messages have blessed me in more ways than she knows! In this week's episode we talk about  the divine feminine,  how to embody it and we have a passionate conversation about black women's liberation. You will for sure feel absolutely empowered to embrace your divine feminine energy and to find flow instead of force, to find liberation and ease!

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