EP 38 “When 2022 isn’t Giving, Yet…How to Live in the Middle Space”

Audacious Black Girl
Audacious Black Girl
EP 38 "When 2022 isn't Giving, Yet...How to Live in the Middle Space"

2022  just began but what if you weren’t feeling that New Year energy? What if you are in that uncomfortable middle space where it feels like you can’t do a damn thing to change your situation!? In this episode, I talk about how to live in that “icky” middle space and offer you 4 tips to get through it! I’m in that space right now with how my 2021 ended and my 2022 began. I was definitely wanting a do-over!

Episode Quote: “the juiciness of your story happens in the middle space. 

if you bypass it, you’re preventing yourself from learning who you truly are”

In this Episode:

  • When the New Year isn’t giving what it was supposed to
  • Why you shouldn’t bypass difficult moments
  • 4 Tips to Living in the uncomfortable middle space
  • Importance of Self-Reflection

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