EP 13 Creating Visibility for Black Designers and Taking up Space w/ Victoria Reed of Victoria Reed Magazine

Audacious Black Girl
Audacious Black Girl
EP 13 Creating Visibility for Black Designers and Taking up Space w/ Victoria Reed of Victoria Reed Magazine

There are so many bomb black designers and creators out there but visibility is needed in order to find them! Join me as I talk with guest Victoria Reed, creator of Victoria Reed Magazine, as we discuss the need to create visibility for black designers and how she's fulfilling that need by creating a platform that highlights them. 

Victoria is a photographer, writer and solo-preneur creating what it is she saw was missing from fashion. Her mission is to make her magazine a go to source for finding black designers and give them the platform they deserve. With so many desiring to buy black products and services, she's definitely creating something that supports that! 

We chat about what it means to take up space in a genre where its a struggle to gain visibility, supporting black creators and being audacious by creating what it is you seek! 

If you want some inspiration to do that bold thing, that thing that's calling you to create, this episode will leave you feeling like taking that step.  

You CAN do audacious and soul fulfilling things!

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Find Victoria on Instagram @ Victoria Reed Magazine
Website: https://www.victoriareed.com/

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