EP 29 “How to Evolve and Embrace Your Expansiveness”

Audacious Black Girl
Audacious Black Girl
EP 29 "How to Evolve and Embrace Your Expansiveness"

You are allowed to evolve…grow…and embrace curiosity! In this episode I chat about how black women have a right to evolve, shift gears and continue to take risks. From internal struggles to outward ones, many factors can impact our growth, leading to stagnation. Whether in your personal relationships, career or other pursuants,  limiting yourself can affect you on your journey of becoming.  There is no cap on who we are and what we can do so put your foot on the gas, start realizing you are limitless and start making bold, audacious decisions!  I offer some tips on how to evolve when feeling stuck and embracing your expansiveness because there is a always more to access within you.

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