Soul Flow Meditation Series- “Root to Rise”

Audacious Black Girl
Audacious Black Girl
Soul Flow Meditation Series- "Root to Rise"

This is the first of the Slow-Flow Meditation Series! After every 2 podcast episodes I will offer a guided meditation. We do so much work and have amazing and enlightening conversations in this space. This is also a space of healing and doing that innerwork to keep on being the divine and resilient black women that we are. So, take a moment for yourself this week and allow this meditation to fill you up with love and light!

Hey hey! I am rebranding and renaming the Podcast for Season 2 (Which debuts on Feb 9th) to the Audacious Black Girl Podcast! I am so excited for this change and think it fits this space and social media community spaces perfectly! While the change takes place over the next few weeks, connect with me in the community spaces! I post self care and community care support and tips to help you be your divine and audacious black girl self!  Links are below!

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