EP 36 “How to Reignite Your Fire to Create the Life You Want” w/ Anastasia Jones, Limiting Belief Gladiator

Audacious Black Girl
Audacious Black Girl
EP 36 "How to Reignite Your Fire to Create the Life You Want" w/ Anastasia Jones, Limiting Belief Gladiator

We are all divinely curated and made to create! Everything you do, think, speak and feel sets energy into motion to create from what you are putting out. This is deep stuff and spiritual to the core and ya'll know how much I love all the woo woo!  My guest Anastasia Jones is a Speaker, Writer, and Limiting Belief Gladiator who helps women overcome their fears, awaken to their power and create unapologetically!  

This conversation is full of gems meant for you to reignite your fire to create the life you want from a place of awareness and connection.

In this episode:

  • Manifesting your creativity by tapping into spirit
  • How to connect life milestones to what your passionate about
  • The importance of play and celebration to create
  • Micro practices to ignite your creativity

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50 Questions to Reignite Your Creativity
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