EP 35 “I Got 99 Problems and Being a Mom is (kinda) One”

Audacious Black Girl
Audacious Black Girl
EP 35 "I Got 99 Problems and Being a Mom is (kinda) One"

Aight, let me explain…motherhood changes a woman! There is a whole spectrum of experiences moms may experience and I'm here to tell you there is room for all of it! The ups the downs and everything in between. In this episode, I help you identify your tether or connection to your experience of motherhood and provide you tips for changing it (be it guilt, lack of self-worth, etc) into something that transforms you and instead of holds you back. I also provide my personal experience of motherhood and how my borderline depression catapulted me to get back to me!

Topics in this Episode:

  • How motherhood changes you
  • Motherhood spectrum of experiences
  • Identifying your emotional tethers
  • Tips to transform your experience of motherhood 
  • Intuition practice to release negative mindset

Postpartum Hotline:

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