The Audacious Black Girl Trailer Season 2

Audacious Black Girl
Audacious Black Girl
The Audacious Black Girl Trailer Season 2

I am so excited for season 2!! If you're a listener from season 1 when the podcast  was Decoding Blackness, welcome back! Thank you for continuing to rock with me! If you're new here, welcome and I am so thankful you found this space! I'm Amanda, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Meditation Teacher/Coach and a Yoga teacher. In this space we have conversations about what it means to be an audacious black girl and what it takes to continue to show up and show out! We'll talk with audacious black girls who are out here occupying spaces and setting trends, have conversations that are relevant to our ability to be audacious and discuss the importance of self care and doing that inner work. Without that, being audacious can be hard to do! I hope you feel inspired after each episode to live in your own truth, be authentic to who you are and do that thing you've been dying to do!  Go ahead and be audacious, you have a right to be!

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